Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Follow up

So, I booked my trip to Cape Cod for this summer and I knew I had to have an MRI and see Dr. M. I called his office today, expecting to play phone tage for SEVERAL days/weeks before getting an appt. To my surprise, I left a message and got a call back within a half hour. The day after I fly into Boston, I have an MRI in the morning and them off to see Dr. M in the afternoon. I am anxious to see what he says about my "improved" hip. I hope the MRI shows a "normal" hip with little arthritis. We are just doing my right hip, so my left one will have to wait until she is causing me problems - which she is NOT doing at the moment.


-D. said...

Hi Beth--

Good to hear from you, and also good to know that your left hip is behaving. Does it or has it ever bothered you? Every once in a while my left one aches, but I have a stern talk with it and so far it's working =) I hope to be back in Ft. Myers this Sept or Oct, I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your appointment!!

MY PAO STORY said...

The left one bothered before my RPAO and during recovery - but mainly because I was favoring the right hip. The dysplasia and arthritis was not as bad as the right. Todayt I was sitting at my 2 year olds parents day at school - and was sitting cross-legged on the floor and both hips began to hurt, so I just switched positions. LPAO is not in my immediate future :)

Lori Hagewood said...

Beth: Let me say thank you for your journaling/blogging and sharing your story! You are an absolute inspiration to us all! I have severe right hip dysplasia and meet with a surgeon in St. Louis in mid-July 2009 about a RPAO. I am interested to see how you are doing! I've been doing tons of research and reading blogs of those who have had this, trying to gauge what is in store for me.

Thanks again!
Lori H.
Franklin, TN