Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh yeah - I forgot I had hip surgery!

Well - I am getting back to my "old self" and not sitting still for more than 3 minutes! (except for when Biggest Loser is on and I am eating DQ ice cream!) I lost lots of weight after having Reilly and was worried that I would put some back on after surgery. As of a few weeks ago -I had not gained any weight, but have definately gotten less toned. I am now back to walking everyday - increasing the distance little by little. Yesterday I walked to Brady's soccer game then walked to my parents house (about 2 miles away) to go swimming. Today we went to the Naples Zoo and then I went for another walk and then back in the pool. I finally feel like I am getting back to normal! I can't believe that I had major hip surgery 9 weeks ago. I don't feel like it at all!
I heard from Millis today and he has "approved" my use of the cane. He will give me the OK to use the elliptical once he reviews my latest x-rays.
I will add my before and after weight loss pics in this post. (Keep in mind my before pic was 2 months after having my second child) I would like to do a before and after pic of my right hip - but my doc down here only does film x-rays and am waiting to see if NEBH can send me a CD of my x-rays taken during surgery.

Before RPAO x-ray (right hip is on left)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

9 week check-up

I went today (at almost 9 weeks post RPAO) for a check-up and x-rays with my local doc. X-rays looked good - the bone is filling in and healing nicely. Hopefully Dr Millis will be pleased once he gets these! I have to admit that I was concerned that I may have ,essed something up or moved some of the screws! My doc had me walk down the hall (using my cane) and said everything looked good. He did tell me I should use the cane UNTIL Millis TELLS me I can stop. I am still feeling great. I am going for longer walks now - still using the stroller to "help" me. I think I have been doing about 2 miles - but not as fast as I used to go! Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to walk farther and faster - and then before I know it I will be running again!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Weeks post RPAO!

Today marks 8 weeks since I had the RPAO! I am feeling great! I am walking using the stroller to help me - and using a cane around the house and out. I will admit that there are times during the day when I don't use the cane and just limp around. I am trying to figure out how to walk again - without limping! I don't know when that will come - hopefully soon!! I remember after my hip scope I went for a LONG walk and was limping pretty bad near the end. Someone actually pulled over and asked me if I was OK! I am not going for "long" walks now - and am staying in my neighborhood. I am ANXIOUS to get back to exercising - as I feel like my legs have turned to jello and mush! The left hip has been "acting up" - but was prepared for this knowing it is getting most of my weight. I am assuming I will need LPAO sometime in my future. I will not be looking forward to it - but will know what to expect.
I have started to get more comfortable in bed - and am rolling onto my stomach (I just try not to think about the screws!). I still have not yet been able to sleep on my operated side - not because of pain - just because I am afraid I will feel pain or mess something up! I go next week to Kagan for more x-rays - and will send them to Millis. Hopefully all is well with the healing of the bone.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Heard back from Millis today -and he told me it was OK to use one crutch - (little does he know I have already done that AND switched to the cane!). I am to email him in one week with a report - and that is when I will tell him that I have switched to a cane! My mom bought 2 canes for me - a pretty pink one with roses and a leopard print one. I couldn't decide between the 2 - so I am keeping both!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tired of waiting...

So, I am tired out waiting to hear from Millis for the "official" ok to use one crutch. I have been doing it for a week or so now anyway! I have decided that it was time to GIVE UP the ugly grey crutches - and move on to a cane!! I am walking much better with the cane than with one crutch. I looked lop-sided walking with a crutch - and feel more "even" now with a cane! I am trying to find a "pretty" cane (maybe pink or flowers?) so I can be more stylish! I did see some nice "pimp" canes online! HA! I feel as though I may need the cane for a few weeks at least. I definatley feel more comfortable walking with the cane - but feel as though I get more looks now than with the crutches (or wheelchair or scooter!). I guess there aren't too many 33 year olds walking around with a cane!
Well today I was feeling brave. I walked to Brady's soccer game pushing the double stroller! I walked at a normal speed going there - but was a little slow and limpy on the way home. I was a little tired once I got home - but that didn't stop me from vaccuming and mopping the floors! I have had a cleaning lady come in every week - but now feel as though I can start doing some of the cleaning, so she will come very 2 weeks until I feel as though I don't need her anymore. (although it would be nice to keep her on for awhile!)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


As I read about my fellow "hipwomen" and "PAO'ers" - I notice a similarity. Many of us were diagnosed right around age 28. I am wondering if it is more than a coincidence!?!?! HMMM??Lucky for them - they have had or are having their surgery shortly after being diagnosed - and before having kids. When I was diagnosed - the only things that were mentioned to me were the hip scope (which I had done 2 weeks before I got pregnant with Brady) and hip replacement. It wasn't until AFTER having 2 children that my ortho down here (which I NO longer go to) briefly mentioned PAO - but told me I would be on crutches for 1 year. He basically told me to live with my pain until I couldn't take it anymore - then do a replacement. That was not the solution I was looking for! I did my own research on PAO - and LOTS OF IT!! I wish I had been told about this surgery back at age 28! Recovery has been better than expected - but difficult with 2 little ones. As a stay at home mom - I can't do the things I normally did before the surgery, and need to rely on my husband, parents and in-laws. They have been AWESOME at helping out - but I do have some guilt about not being able to care for my children. I will hopefully be crutch free soon and will be able to return to my "mommy" duties!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


It is about 6 weeks since my PAO and the incision has healed nicely. It did not look so pretty the first few weeks!! I do have numbness around the scar - but have been told it is normal. Hopefully I will get feeling back as time goes on. There are a few small scars above the incision from where the drain was.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, I went for my first "walk" today - and I think I got some strange looks!! I have been using the shopping carts in stores - to hold onto for support. I just throw the crutches in there and lean on the cart to help me walk through the store. So, today I decided I could go for a walk around the block using one crutch and holding onto the stroller to push Reilly. I think I looked pretty silly hobbling and limping along! The stroller is definately not as heavy, sturdy or tall as a shopping cart! I may have pushed a little to hard - and I'm sure will be feeling it tonight and tomorrow! But, it was nice to get that first walk into my recovery - now I know I can do it, I will just look like an idiot doing it!
One more thing - I feel like having a t-shirt made that says "I had hip surgery. Yes, I know am too young. No, not a replacement, it was reconstructive hip surgery. Why? Because I have dysplasia - yes like dogs get." I can't tell you how many times people ask me what happened and I have to go through the whole thing! Why can't they just leave it at - "I had hip surgery"!! I don't even dare tell them the name of the surgery!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Went to Dr. Kagan (local doc) for a follow-up appt. He said my incision has healed well and took x-rays. WOW ARE THOSE SCREWS BIG!!!!! No wonder they are sticking out!! The best part was NO MORE INJECTIONS!! (I think TJ is a little bummed at that - he liked playing doctor)
Heard back from Dr. Millis today and he has told me I can go to 50% body weight bearing!!!!! YEAHH!!! He said to keep using 2 crutches until he views the x-rays I mailed him. This means I may be going to only 1 crutch VERY soon!!! (already do sometimes - as I try to get back into my mommy role - cleaning, cooking, bathing....) He also said I may even be crutch free by week 8!!!That is only 2 and 1/2 weeks away!!! I may need to use a cane - but I will take that over using these ugly grey crutches!