Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh yeah - I forgot I had hip surgery!

Well - I am getting back to my "old self" and not sitting still for more than 3 minutes! (except for when Biggest Loser is on and I am eating DQ ice cream!) I lost lots of weight after having Reilly and was worried that I would put some back on after surgery. As of a few weeks ago -I had not gained any weight, but have definately gotten less toned. I am now back to walking everyday - increasing the distance little by little. Yesterday I walked to Brady's soccer game then walked to my parents house (about 2 miles away) to go swimming. Today we went to the Naples Zoo and then I went for another walk and then back in the pool. I finally feel like I am getting back to normal! I can't believe that I had major hip surgery 9 weeks ago. I don't feel like it at all!
I heard from Millis today and he has "approved" my use of the cane. He will give me the OK to use the elliptical once he reviews my latest x-rays.
I will add my before and after weight loss pics in this post. (Keep in mind my before pic was 2 months after having my second child) I would like to do a before and after pic of my right hip - but my doc down here only does film x-rays and am waiting to see if NEBH can send me a CD of my x-rays taken during surgery.

Before RPAO x-ray (right hip is on left)

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