Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tired of waiting...

So, I am tired out waiting to hear from Millis for the "official" ok to use one crutch. I have been doing it for a week or so now anyway! I have decided that it was time to GIVE UP the ugly grey crutches - and move on to a cane!! I am walking much better with the cane than with one crutch. I looked lop-sided walking with a crutch - and feel more "even" now with a cane! I am trying to find a "pretty" cane (maybe pink or flowers?) so I can be more stylish! I did see some nice "pimp" canes online! HA! I feel as though I may need the cane for a few weeks at least. I definatley feel more comfortable walking with the cane - but feel as though I get more looks now than with the crutches (or wheelchair or scooter!). I guess there aren't too many 33 year olds walking around with a cane!
Well today I was feeling brave. I walked to Brady's soccer game pushing the double stroller! I walked at a normal speed going there - but was a little slow and limpy on the way home. I was a little tired once I got home - but that didn't stop me from vaccuming and mopping the floors! I have had a cleaning lady come in every week - but now feel as though I can start doing some of the cleaning, so she will come very 2 weeks until I feel as though I don't need her anymore. (although it would be nice to keep her on for awhile!)

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