Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, I went for my first "walk" today - and I think I got some strange looks!! I have been using the shopping carts in stores - to hold onto for support. I just throw the crutches in there and lean on the cart to help me walk through the store. So, today I decided I could go for a walk around the block using one crutch and holding onto the stroller to push Reilly. I think I looked pretty silly hobbling and limping along! The stroller is definately not as heavy, sturdy or tall as a shopping cart! I may have pushed a little to hard - and I'm sure will be feeling it tonight and tomorrow! But, it was nice to get that first walk into my recovery - now I know I can do it, I will just look like an idiot doing it!
One more thing - I feel like having a t-shirt made that says "I had hip surgery. Yes, I know am too young. No, not a replacement, it was reconstructive hip surgery. Why? Because I have dysplasia - yes like dogs get." I can't tell you how many times people ask me what happened and I have to go through the whole thing! Why can't they just leave it at - "I had hip surgery"!! I don't even dare tell them the name of the surgery!!!!


Carrie said...

Hi Beth,

Read through all your posts! You are doing really fantastic! I also have to say that your kids are just adorable!

I can totally relate about what you said about the hip t-shirt. I should have one myself! Your Millis buddy, Carrie

Cass said...


Loved your post today. In anticipation of the questions that I'll be getting after my surgery, I've already thought of some great answers to give to strangers. I'll post them all in my blog at some point ... I've considered blatant lies from "war injury" to "broken toe." I figure the ridiculousness will keep them from asking any more questions! But a t-shirt is a great idea too!
Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration!

Sam said...

Love the t-shirt idea. I think you should mass-produce them and sell them to all of us as you know we've all had those uncomfortable conversations. I just started saying simple lies like 'Shark attack', 'Tripped over my dog' or 'Freak skiing accident in the Canadian rockies'...all of which usually stun them long enough for me to crutch away. :)

Cass said...

Shark attack! That was one of my original ideas as well! I was also thinking of a t-shirt that reads:
"I had a periacetabular osteotomy.
If you can pronounce it, you may ask questions."
Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Your scar looks great and I love the T-shirt idea. I think we need to do a PAO get together. Get the whole group of PAO bloggers together at some fun location and have one hell of a party to celebrate our strength and how far we have all come. It's about time we all met. I guess we need to either chose an exotic location or the best midway point for all of us. Suggestions ladies?
Beth it's truly wonderful to hear how well you are doing. Keep up the good recovery work.

Paige said...

Hi Beth, I want the T-shirt too!! I am having RPAO on June 11th and am already tired of explaining what I am GOING to have done, it's only going to get worse! Your blog is SUCH an inspiration! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!