Thursday, March 6, 2008


It is about 6 weeks since my PAO and the incision has healed nicely. It did not look so pretty the first few weeks!! I do have numbness around the scar - but have been told it is normal. Hopefully I will get feeling back as time goes on. There are a few small scars above the incision from where the drain was.


Sam said...

I find it crazy how different our scars and surgeries were...I mean Millis and Murphy are partners aren't they? Mine is at the front of my leg - almost in the center and stretches about 6 inches. I didn't have drainage tubes b/c of the different surgery style. Anyways...yours is healing great and bravo for posting the picture...I keep shying away from doing that but maybe my time has come...I mean heck, I posted a drugged out picture of me in the hospital. :)

Nikki said...


Dr. Millis and Murphy are not partners. Glad to hear that you and Beth are both doing so well. I elected to have Dr. Millis do my surgery. I needed someone more warm and fuzzy. I didn't have to trade in skills for that, so I booked it for 7/23