Thursday, March 27, 2008

9 week check-up

I went today (at almost 9 weeks post RPAO) for a check-up and x-rays with my local doc. X-rays looked good - the bone is filling in and healing nicely. Hopefully Dr Millis will be pleased once he gets these! I have to admit that I was concerned that I may have ,essed something up or moved some of the screws! My doc had me walk down the hall (using my cane) and said everything looked good. He did tell me I should use the cane UNTIL Millis TELLS me I can stop. I am still feeling great. I am going for longer walks now - still using the stroller to "help" me. I think I have been doing about 2 miles - but not as fast as I used to go! Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to walk farther and faster - and then before I know it I will be running again!!


Heather said...

2 miles....that is sooo great! Congratulations. It's wonderful to hear how successful you've been. I'll be facing my RPAO later this year Aug or Sept. See ya back on the hipwomen board.

- Heather, Los Angeles, CA (Dr. Joel Matta)

Cass said...

Awesome! Great progress, Beth!