Saturday, March 8, 2008


As I read about my fellow "hipwomen" and "PAO'ers" - I notice a similarity. Many of us were diagnosed right around age 28. I am wondering if it is more than a coincidence!?!?! HMMM??Lucky for them - they have had or are having their surgery shortly after being diagnosed - and before having kids. When I was diagnosed - the only things that were mentioned to me were the hip scope (which I had done 2 weeks before I got pregnant with Brady) and hip replacement. It wasn't until AFTER having 2 children that my ortho down here (which I NO longer go to) briefly mentioned PAO - but told me I would be on crutches for 1 year. He basically told me to live with my pain until I couldn't take it anymore - then do a replacement. That was not the solution I was looking for! I did my own research on PAO - and LOTS OF IT!! I wish I had been told about this surgery back at age 28! Recovery has been better than expected - but difficult with 2 little ones. As a stay at home mom - I can't do the things I normally did before the surgery, and need to rely on my husband, parents and in-laws. They have been AWESOME at helping out - but I do have some guilt about not being able to care for my children. I will hopefully be crutch free soon and will be able to return to my "mommy" duties!!

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