Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Weeks post RPAO!

Today marks 8 weeks since I had the RPAO! I am feeling great! I am walking using the stroller to help me - and using a cane around the house and out. I will admit that there are times during the day when I don't use the cane and just limp around. I am trying to figure out how to walk again - without limping! I don't know when that will come - hopefully soon!! I remember after my hip scope I went for a LONG walk and was limping pretty bad near the end. Someone actually pulled over and asked me if I was OK! I am not going for "long" walks now - and am staying in my neighborhood. I am ANXIOUS to get back to exercising - as I feel like my legs have turned to jello and mush! The left hip has been "acting up" - but was prepared for this knowing it is getting most of my weight. I am assuming I will need LPAO sometime in my future. I will not be looking forward to it - but will know what to expect.
I have started to get more comfortable in bed - and am rolling onto my stomach (I just try not to think about the screws!). I still have not yet been able to sleep on my operated side - not because of pain - just because I am afraid I will feel pain or mess something up! I go next week to Kagan for more x-rays - and will send them to Millis. Hopefully all is well with the healing of the bone.

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