Monday, April 7, 2008

POP goes my hip!

I am still feeling great - and think I am giving up the cane.(10 weeks post RPAO) I am walking with only a slight limp now! I am back to my "normal" walks - about 3 miles - and am anxious to get back on the elliptical machine. I am gearing up for Reilly's 1st birthday this Thursday and Brady's 4th birthday a week from today. My brother and his family are coming into town this week - and Brady is excited about seeing his cousins. We got Brady a bike - but all he really wants is a Lightning McQueen birthday cake! (Which he also had last year!!)
My hip is feeling good - but I am getting the "popping" and "cracking" that I have always had. It didn't start back up until about week 6 or 7 post-op. It first started when I shifted in bed - but now my hip is "catching" and getting stuck - and then I have to "pop" it back. Dr. Millis informed me that the "popping" is normal. As TJ would say , "Normal for who??!!". I also mentioned it to my local doc - and he told me that my hips may always pop. I am trying to find out why this happens. What makes them pop? Why does it "catch"? Am I causing more damage?? All questions I will ask Dr Millis and my local doc (Dr Kagan). I have posted these questions to my fellow hipwomen on the yahoo group - maybe I will get some answers from them! I won't worry too much now - as the popping is not too painful - just more uncomfortable.

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Cass said...

Dr. Mayo told me months ago that my PAO won't solve the cracking and popping issues. I didn't ask why at the time but plan to when I meet him on the 22nd. He didn't sound as if it were a problem, however. I imagine if it were causing damage, he would have mentioned it. I'll try to remember to let you know what he tells me.
So glad to hear about your progress!