Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Limp?

I have now been walking with no cane for a few weks now - and have noticed my limp getting less and less. After a long walk I may limp a little more- but otherwise feel "normal"! My brother and his family have been in town - so we have been on the go! Reilly had his 1st birthday and Brady had his 4th. We had LOTS of cake! We went to the Naples Zoo Monday and today went to the beach on Sanibel. Brady just noticed today that I am walking alone! We were walking along the beach and he said, "Hey Mom, you don't have your crutch or your cane!". I told him that I didn't need them anymore -and his reply was, "Wow Mom - I'm so proud of you!!"
I have been trying to schedule my screw removal for this summer - but can't seem to get Dr. Millis' surgical coordinator to call me back! I would like to have it done when we go on vacation up to the Cape in July - but don't want to book flights yet until I know when Dr. Millis can do it. I am frustrated because tickets to Boston are $206 right now!!!

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