Sunday, October 9, 2011


I have started my training for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon at the end of Feb!! I am up to 6 miles.... and will have plenty of time to be ready by Feb!! I am excited to be training again - as I have found running as become very addictive. I have guilt on days I do not run. I try to take a few days off a week from running - and either rest or do the elliptical. My hip has been good..... fine when running..... slight limp for a few minutes after running - but no pain. I have 2 goals for this 1/2 marathon: 1) Finish. 2) Beat my last time by at LEAST 20 minutes.
If there are any other Hip Princess PAO girlies doing this 1/2 - let me know!!! I have already informed Dr. Millis of my intentions to do another 1/2 marathon..... even though last year I did not tell him until AFTER I completed it :)

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