Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping on crutches!

I went shopping with TJ (my husband today) - brought Reilly while my mother in law stayed at home with Brady. TJ pushed the stroller while I hobbled along on my crutches. This is not the first time I have gone shopping - but the longest shopping outing so far. We were at an outdoor outlet mall and were there over an hour. By the end I needed to sit and have an iced coffee from Starbucks and rest a bit. The funny thing is - no one moves out of your way when you are on crutches! You would think that people would be sympathetic - but they're not! The only "pity" smiles I got were from old people either with walker or cane - or in wheelchairs! Then you just get the looks like - "I wonder what's wrong with her".
Anyway - TJ, my parents, and in-laws have been amazing in the amount of time and help they are giving us. I never would have been able to have this surgery without them! I am unable to pick up or carry Reilly upstairs - so someone always needs to be here (besides me). They work in shifts - morning and afternoon. (And they all thought they were retired - HA).
I am waiting to hear from Dr Millis to see if I can put more than 1/3 body weight on my leg (I already do it - without pain, so just waiting for the official "OK"). I am having very little pain and am walking and doing exercises in the pool almost every day - and working on my tan while I'm at it!

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