Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Still waiting to hear back from Millis. I am waiting to hear if I can stop the Lovenox injections (blood thinner to prevent clots). TJ has to give them to me - as I am a wimp and can't do it myself. They need to be given in my belly - and I can tell when TJ is little mad at me! I also still have tape residue around the incision and can't get it off! I try to scrub it off in the shower - but don't want to scrub too hard. Also, I don't really like touching there - the heads of the 4 screws are right underneath the skin and you can see and feel them!!! It freaks me out! But, I guess it will make for an easy screw removal this summer. The incision looks like it has healed nicely - and is right on the bikini line - so isn't visible in a bathing suit. I am getting brave and "walking" holding on to various things (couches, counters, chairs....) I am driving now every day - and am getting in and out of the car easily.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog while trying to find a blog about femoral derotational osteotomies. I live in Tampa, but left Florida a long time ago for my healthcare. It's great to see the results your having as I have similar goals that I plan to accomplish when I am put back together!