Monday, June 9, 2008

Screw Removal a Go??????

The last email I got from Dr Millis said that he needed to see an x-ray - as the last one showed that the bone has not completely healed. He said that if the lastest x-ray showed healed bone, we could proceed with the removal. I had the x-rays done last week and shipped them off to Boston. The doc down here said it is "healing" nicely, and you can clearly see that the bone has not filled in in that widest part of the cut. I am anxious to see what Dr M says - as I was really hoping to have these screws taken out in a month. If he needs to wait longer, I guess I will just have to make another trip up to MA - our trip in a month has been planned and tickets bought!
TJ and I spent a weekend in Key Biscayne (off Miami) and got some relaxation in!! I worked on my tan and TJ worked on his burn. I told him - "I think you forget you are Irish!". We spent the whole weekend at the Ritz, laying by the pool looking at the ocean, eating, and drinking! There was no need to leave the resort. We did drive through South Beach on our way out - and I am glad we went back to Key Biscayne. It is a beautiful, quiet island!
The day we left for the east coast- we heard sad news. We brought Brady for his last day at his preschool - and learned that one of his teachers had been killed in a car accident. She was a wonderful teacher and a mother of 3 children (the youngest Brady's age). She had been with Brady in the 2 year old room last year and with him in the Junior's (3's) this year. We decided not to tell him, because it was his last day there. He will be starting the summer camp at the new school where I will be working next year. It makes my PAO surgery/recovery seem so small in comparison to what his teacher's children and family are going through.

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