Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to work....

I knew that I would be returning to teaching after being home with Brady and Reilly. I have resigned my position with the public school district and got a job at a wonderful, small private school. Brady will come with me to the all day pre-k 4 program. Reilly will go to the daycare owned by the same people - down the road. He will go 3-4 days a week, and have the grandparents watching him the other days. I will be teaching middle school Reading and English. I am very excited about this new position!
I am having the screws removed July 7th - but will first have 9 days of vacation at the Cape! We are looking forward to the trip - especially Brady who LOVES Cape Cod!! We will be there on our 7th anniversary and maybe have dinner where our wedding reception was! We will also try to get to CT to see family and friends.
I am also going on a much needed vacation - without the kids! TJ and I will spend a weekend in Key Biscayne doing nothing but sitting in the sun, drinking pina coladas, reading and relaxing.
I am feeling wonderful, happy, pain-free (walked today AND did 25 minutes on the elliptical!) and "normal". I will be happy when the screws are out - I always seem to bump the shopping carts right where they are - OUCH!! Also, when I hold Reilly, his feet sometimes hit them. I am so ready to be "screw-less"!!

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Cass said...

Good for you, Beth. Can I come on your vacation too? :)
I'm heading back to CO probably the second week in June. I live in Fort Collins, an hour's drive north. If you're ever visiting your brother in Denver, let me know and maybe we can meet for lunch or something.
Take care!