Saturday, May 10, 2008

Was PAO the right decision???

The answer is YES!!! I am 3 and 1/2 months out and feeling wonderful! I am walking fine - no limp. I am not getting the sharp groin pains, the dull ache deep in the hip, or the butt pain - like I did before. I still get occasional stiffness, or the need to "pop" it. Shortly after PAO, my hip was popping all the time. It has gotten less now - I feel as though it needs to pop, but sometimes can't shift the right way to pop it. I still have not gotten the OK to use the elliptical - but feel as though I could do it no problem. I am back to my fast 3 mile walks - and sometimes feel like jogging - that's how good I feel!!! (although I know Dr Millis would KILL me!) I am hoping that within the next year - I will be able to jog again.
Some of my "hipsister" and "hipbloggers" have talked about how PAO has changed their life - and I agree 100%! I finally feel like a normal 33 year old - without hip pain. Deciding to have PAO was a difficult decision - because of my small children and recovery time. I am POSITIVE I made the right decision. Dr Millis has been an amazing doctor. I was leaning towards PAO before I met him, and had decided that once I had my consult with him - I would do what he said. As he told me - "PAO is a no-brainer" - to save my own hip was better than replacing it, especially at 33. The recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and the results have been great so far. Yes, I am glad I had PAO!


Cass said...

Wonderful news, Beth. I hope I can say the same thing in a few months!

Anonymous said...

Beth: I'm amazed you can walk 3 miles and "feel great". Perhaps that's the difference a decade makes (I'm 44)- a good argument for getting the surgery done earlier! I had PAO in early Feb 08 but I'm still healing and get all kinds of interesting pains.

Anonymous said...

Im 28 - Almost 5 months post PAO op & still walking with a cane & limp :( Im getting married in 4 month!!! Freaking out!!

Any good exercise tips or advice PLEASE?

Elisa said...

Hi Beth,
I came across your blog as I am researching PAO blogs. I'm 32 with a 6 mo old baby and 2.5 yr old and scared to death about the PAO surgery that my childrens' ortho ped wants me to have ASAP (both kids born with shallow hip sockets and treated with pavlik harness). How they heck am I going to be a mom of two babies post-op? If you still check your comments, please send me an email if you have a moment. I would love to pick your brain!
Ps- a lot in common, I am a HS English and Reading Intervention teacher ;)