Saturday, July 26, 2008

3 weeks post screw removal

It has been almost 3 weeks since my screw removal and I am feeling great. I took the bandage off a few days early and it didn't look so pretty! The steri strips had dried blood all over them - and I was told to wait until they fall off. That lasted about 2 days and then I peeled them off, carefully. Dr Millis gave me the go ahead with exercising - but to keep bandages over the scar for 2 months, so it doesn't spread open. I bought sterile strips from Walgreens that go over the scar - but still let it breathe. The scar is lumpy and I have emailed Dr M to see if this is normal. I don't remember it being lumpy after the PAO. Maybe it is because he cut on the same incision line as before?? Who knows - I will have to wait for Dr M to respond. I am making my arrangements for my MRI and visit with Dr M for the fall. I am trying to tie it into a Cape Cod Thanksgiving vacation - as I did last year when I first met Dr Millis.


SHC said...

Glad you are doing well and it's sounding like the new position will work out good for sure you don't push things too hard too soon though! ENJOY CT! (my home state!)~

Anonymous said...

I had PAO and labral tear repair in Nov. 2007. It is now Oct. 2008. I still have groin pain and I can FEEL my screws in the bone and when i raise my knee I feel like they are jabbing me. I am thin and have heard that they can cause problems. My doctor has never mentioned screw removal. Can you tell me the risks associated with removal and why you had it done?
Thanks! Can't get my Google password to take so I am using Anonymous.
Julie M.

Anonymous said...

fI had a PAO in March 2009 and am a competetive softball player. The screw heads are driving me crazy! They stick out because I am thin. Are there any physical limitations after the removal surgery? If so, how long?