Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to work!

On Monday August 11th I return to teaching after being home with my boys. I will be teaching middle school Reading and English at a private school and am lucky that Brady will attend the pre-k program there. Reilly will be right down the street at the daycare owned by the same school. My hip is feeling great and plan on wearing all my heels when I teach all day!! I know that I am not going to be able to exercise as much as I have been - but plan on doing some kind of exercise at least 2 nights a week and then on weekends.


Cass said...

Hi Beth!

Just wanted to check in on your first day back to work. How'd it go? Those heels treating you ok? Glad you're getting back to a normal life, and I hope it treats you well!


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Rachel Smith and I to have been diagnosed with dypslasia in both hips and arthritis. I wanted to talk more to you about your surgery. I am seeing my rhematologist tomorrow. Please contact me at Subject: Hips or something so I don't delete. Hope all is going well. Oh, I forgot, I have been told to have hip replacement...I am very scared and I am a mother of 3 little boys.. Crazy....