Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st day of school!

I had my first day of school with the kids yesterday. I taught 7 classes - and wore my heels ALL DAY!! I did sit a few times - but was proud that I did not limp out of there!!
We are now home as school was cancelled because of Tropical Storm Fay - which has been dumping rain on us since about 2 in the morning. I am getting some cleaning and laundry in - as long as we have power!!


-D. said...

Life without limping, that is SO cool! And you spent all day standing. Wow! The little things we use to take for granted :) I'm so happy for you to have your life back!

Cam said...

I am a teacher as well, and that has been my biggest challenge with my hip is I can't stand all day (and I can't wear cute shoes). I taught middle school LA the last two years so it was a bit easier to be able to sit down once in a while, but now I am teaching 2nd grade, and I just can't sit. My hip is feeling worse than it ever has. It is great to hear your successes with your surgery! How was your hip pain during your pregnancies? If you had the option would you have done your surgery before having kids? That is my debate now!

MY PAO STORY said...

I had lots of hip apin during my pregnancies - but I also had gained A LOT of weight. If this surgery had been mentioned to be at age 28 I definately would have had it done BEFORE having kids!!